What is amendment 4?

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Amendment 4, aka The Florida Hometown Democracy Land Use, is an initiative, which if passed in Nov. by 60% of the voters, will require a taxpayer- funded referendum for each and every new and/or changed amendment to the local government comprehensive land-use plans. The official ballot title is "Referenda required for adoption and amendment of local government comprehensive land use plans."  This translates into any proposed change or amendment shall be subject to the vote of the electors - that's us - after "preparation by the local planning agency, consideration by the governing body and notice." This is quoted from the official ballot summary.

The financial impact statement affirms that local governments will incur additional costs to conduct these referenda; the cost depends on the number and frequency of proposals.

This initiative is sponsored and funded by the Political Action Committee, PAC, whose author, president and chief fundraiser, is Lesley Blackner, a Palm Beach attorney.

The primary opposition comes from an organization entitled "Citizens for Lower Taxes and a Stronger Economy".  Included among its many supporters is the Florida Chamber of Commerce. 

In 2006, the city of St. Pete Beach, population 10,000, adopted a similar legislation with the end result being the repeal of this costly and cumbersome ordinance by an overwhelming majority, which was only possible because it was a local ordinance, not a state mandated amendment.  Yankeetown, population 700, passed a similar charter amendment in 2007 and in Feb. 2010 voted to eliminate the referendum requirements for capital improvements.  Lawsuits from developers alone cost the town a reported $23,000 in fees out of their operating budget.  What could be the effects of this proposal for the entire state of Florida?  Should we not learn from recent past experiments? 

Inform yourselves on this very important issue before November.  Read what the pros and cons are, who is saying/supporting what and understand what the consequences might be if the "Vote on Everything" initiative passes.  

An excellent source for learning all about Amendment 4 please check out,_Amendment_4_(2010)


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