Swimming pool = big dark hole in winter and a soup of chemicals? Try natural pools....

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Who knew? In Europe, there are more than 20,000 natural swimming pools....they are pools with pristine water and no chemicals. You might have to share the pool with the occasional turtle or bullfrog, but no algae and no slimey bottom. They look lovely all year round. You can even skate on them! They work with a series of natural plantings and pumps. A wall separates the water lillies and other plants from the swimming area. Take a look:  British company Woodhouse Natural Pools is www.naturalswimmingpools.com . An Austrian company--Biotop--helped Chester County, PA residents and landscape architect Jonathon Alderson and Pondworks, a local pool company create an amazing natural landscape that is good for the environment and super for resale. I want one! I read about the Chester County pool in an article by Margaret Gilmour in Chester County Dwell www.ccdwell.com.

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