Forgiveness and Debt Forgiveness Are in the Eye of the Beholder

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Forgiveness is truly in the eye of the beholder.  Seriously.  Let's discuss what some people are experiencing these days- credit destruction.  Some have experienced misfortune only recently and they have seen their credit take a tumble.  This is truly heartbreaking because a consumer who is used to qualifying for just about anything may have the trials and tribulations of those who have not been as concerned with their credit worthiness.  Those who have fallen behind on their mortgage do have options before foreclosure, if there is no way to catch up.  Those people should know they are not the only ones and should seek a Realtor's advice and help.  Your credit score can be salvaged if you seek a short sale; foreclosure can lose you 50-75 points.  Ouch.  Some of you made your bed and are now trying to climb out of it.  College is such a fun and exciting time that some of you forgot that will you were building your brains and resume you were also building your credit; well some of you actually destroyed it and are paying for it largely now.  It's easier to damage your credit than it is to fix it.  You too should seek the help of a Realtor if you are looking to buy a home.  There are programs out there to help you and you would be surprised at some of the loan programs available to you.  Most frequently in this area I have seen borrowers use the NACA program to realize their dream of home ownership.  If you believe your credit is in total disrepair, YOU'RE WRONG.  You can be helped.  Debt forgiveness in the eye of the beholder and the good news is that credit bureaus do forgive and forget.  There is life after credit non-worthiness.

When we speak of forgiveness and it being in the eye of the beholder we must consider the situation of Michael Vick, quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. I believe everyone in the country is familiar with Michael Vick's story.  Some of you may or not  be able to forgive or forget the events he participated in and allowed to happen on his property.  Well, the justice system did slam down the long arm of the law and Vick served time in a Federal prison.  Talk about the rise and fall of a star athlete; and he fell hard.  As Vick returned to society he also looked to returning to professional football.  There was a major uproar among those in Philadelphia, as well as many throughout our country.  Vick was quietly mentored by former Indianapolis head coach Tony Dungy because he was appointed by the Commissioner Goodell.  Dungy is about a good a person as you can find and he was an excellent selection to help try to rebuild a person's life in and out of the sports life.  Vick was of course suspended indefinitely at one time and then re-instated once he began to exhibit the traits the NFL strives for its players to exhibit.  Once he was picked up by the Eagles then he was still suspended, I believe for 6 games, and then it was reduced to 2.  He waited patiently, worked hard, studied the game under the current QB Donovan McNabb, and acted like a regular law-abiding citizen.  He earned himself a spot as the back up QB and was grateful to even have the opportunity.  In the offseason of 2010 McNabb was traded to Washington and that left Kevin Kolb and Vick as the replacements.  Andy Reid, head football coach of the Philadelphia Eagles, named Kolb the man.  Once again, Vick was openly happy to have the opportunity and stood behind Reid's decision.  After Kolb did not produce as was expected and Vick did, he was just this last week awarded the starting position of quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles.  Now the city is pretty happy with Vick.  He is winning and doing in spectacular fashion.  It is common knowledge  that the city of Philadelphia is very unforgiving.  They would boo Santa if he didn't win and I think they have.  If Vick was going to be tested, he was put in the right place.  Now, just because Vick has worked very hard to get back into his position and paid his debt to society doesn't mean that everyone has forgiven him, but a lot of people have. 

My point is that whether your Michael Vick or just a guy or gal who has damaged your credit if you work hard, are focused, and are determined you can achieve that 750 credit score or that starting position.  It's going to take a little, blood, sweat, and tears but you can get there. Forgiveness and debt forgiveness are in the eyes of the beholder. You sometimes have to lose it all to gain it all and when you do it is that much sweeter.  There is life after debt and when your debt is paid you will be back to your former glory or experience a success you've only dreamed of.  The thing to remember is to keep your eye on the prize.  It is possible to be forgiven and the act to be forgotten.


If you or someone you know is behind on their mortgage or are fearful that this might happen, please contact me.  You are not alone.  I would love to share with you some options to help you either keep your home or take actions to relieve yourself of that debt.  My goal is to give you the best HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE in any real estate transaction.


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