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Home Stager with Blue Ribbon Staging

I love the in the sky, cars that fly, dogs that talk and picture phones. It's the perfect world that we were all going to live in when we entered the space age.

I don't know about your home, but mine is still grounded on earth, my car still runs on tires touching asphalt, my dog barks, and the picture phones ...well, c'mom, those are pretty cool!

Every week we SKYPE a visit with our family living 3,000 miles away...have you heard of it? From our computer in Washington we are transported to a living room in Ohio. We watch as songs are sung, castles are built, presents are opened and memories are made. What an amazing time to be alive.

It's not just picture phones that have changed...every corner of our life has changed. Technology has opened doors we never before had access to...information, entertainment, necessities, and frivolities.

You may have heard the familiar saying, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression."

When we are in the market for a home, we realize this is very likely the single biggest investment we will make. We may not all have investments in the stock market, 401K accounts, or bundles of cash in a vault somewhere, but we tend to buy into the American Dream to own our home. Housing markets rise and fall. Furnishings go in and out of style...but the constant remains, we are all looking for shelter, a place to call "HOME".

When we are in the market for a home, the access to technology gives us new avenues to access to the multiple listings of properties that will entice us to a closer look. "Back in the day", and not so many years ago, home buying was quite a different process.

We used to take our weekends scouring through the Sunday Classifieds, driving from property to property, touring through Open Houses, all the while trying to remember the pros and cons of each property...and taking notes, pages and pages of notes, to help us remember the details of each address.

Times have certainly changed!

Today we can get an advance first glance of the property our realtor will show us. We can google the address, find the directions, look at the satellite view and check out the neighborhood! We can even take a visual tour of the property...inside and out, in the middle of the night, from the comfort of our computer! Pretty amazing, don't you think?

On the other hand, when we are selling the property, we may not always know who is visiting our listing. Mr. and Mrs. Buyer's first look at our property, may not require so much as a knock on our door...all they may use is a click of a mouse.

Visual marketing is a busy Buyer's first introduction to our property.

What does your on-line listing say about your property?

  • "These rooms are empty, this space is lifeless."
    a vacant home can present like an empty cave.
  • "Watch where you walk, we have life happening here."
    a cluttered home may be the sign of a happy life, but it leaves the imagination no place to dream.
  • "A family lives here, but the place isn't much fun."
    ...don't confuse bare walls and clean counters with a staged property.

or does your ASP Staged property say:

  • "This property is warm and welcoming."
  • "This property is clean and cared for."
  • "This property is our new home."

When buyers like what they see, they set the appointment, visit the property, and if everything "feels" right, an offer is made, papers are signed, a new key is made...and a house becomes a home.

Don't give up your edge by presenting an awkward first may be the only chance you get!

Have your property staged with an ASP Home Stager...don't confuse decorating or emptying a room as staging...the camera can be your listing's best friend or worst enemy...which will it be for yours?

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