Snohomish High School Football

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Snohomish High School Football FREE GOLD CARD BELOW. I was introduced to Snohomish High School Football as part of a new fundraising promotion we were working on at the time to help schools promote their programs, improve their fundraising results and help local merchants get incredible exposure unlike anything they have ever seen before. 

My host for the week was Dave WriDave Wright & Mark Perryght of Adrenaline Fundraising who I have known for almost ten years, and is one of the most dedicated and talented individuals I have ever worked with!  Dave is one of those rare people who is not only involved in his community, he's highly regarded within his industry and among his peers as being the "GO TO" fundraising guy in Washington including from Head Coach Mark Perry of

Snohomish High School Football. is one of the schools that Dave has helped for many years raise funds to help keep their program competitive, and of the hundreds of professional fundraising facilitators I know and have worked with over the past ten years Dave Wright has proven to help teams like Snohomish High School Football raise the most amount of money in the least amount of time.

Today, more than ever before, programs like Snohomish High School Football are fortunate to have incredible staff and coaches who are dedicated to developing the young men and women who participate in their program, among these are Mark Perry, Head Coach of Snohomish High School Football whom I met that week. 
Mark Perry & Dave Kerrigan
When I spoke with Mark and asked him what made his program so successful. He replied, "Dave we run a great program at Snohomish High School Football we have great support staff, assistant coaches, parents who participate and care about our program, a community that supports our team and some of the best kids I have ever worked with, plus, we have a fundraising expert that's gets us the results we need.  Snohomish High School Football is more than a football program however, we're a family who care about each other on and off the field.  When we step onto the field we're there to win that football game.  When we're off the field our players exemplify the same qualities they demonstrate on the Snohomish High School Football field; integrity, self discipline, honor, and a commitment to being the best people they can be." 

I appreciated the time Mark gave to us, but one observation that was a nice footnote to filming at Snohomish High School Football was I could tell the difference between Mark's players and other students walking through the halls. Mark's Snohomish High School Football players were the one's who responded with "yes sir and no ma'am," when speaking to Mark or other staff which was very refreshing and honestly quite the contrast from what I have heard in the halls of many schools throughout the country I have been to.  Keep up the great work Mark! 

Dave Wright & Dave Kerrigan

Dave Wright is among the most genuine, professional, and dedicated people I have the privilege to personally know and have worked with for nearly a decade.  If you, your club, group, or team need an experienced FUNDRAISING EXPERT who has a proven track record providing the finest fundraising products and service in the state of Washington, Dave Wright is your "GO-TO guy and can be reached at Adrenaline Fundraising.  The Snohomish High School Football fundraiser ended a couple of months back this summer, but I'm giving away these great products to a limited number of people while supplies last.  It's great support for the team, but it's also a product I can feel good about giving to family, friends, clients, and people in my circle.  Make it a great week guys!  Dave Kerrigan.

Snomohish High School Football

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