Christmas Trees For Free in Ithaca, NY - at Greensprings Natural Cemetery - (not a joke)!

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Christmas Trees  for (Almost) Free in Ithaca, NY - at Greensprings Natural Cemetery

Please don't get the wrong idea here folks, cemeterys are not the usual real estate blog post topic; or when they are, they are the butt of bad jokes.

But this is for real, you can find and cut for yourself, a lovely Norway Spruce tree, and have it loaded on a horse drawn cart to be taken to your car in the parking lot, this Saturday from 11 am - 2pm at Greensprings Natural Cemetery.  Their website "" can give you a bit more background on them and what they are about.  To be honest, I had never heard of them before seeing the small blurb in the Ithaca Jornal about their tree cutting day, but of course, it makes sense - they promote the use of natural decomposing materials, when making burial arrangements for a loved one.  Seems like a great idea to me, I was figuring on cremation myself, but if I were going into the ground, I'd want to be just as useful as I try to be in life!  Help a new tree grow by adding your cells to the mix ;-)

Okay, on to the details:  call 564-7577 for questions and more information, or drive over to 293 Irish Hill Rd. on Saturday between 11-2pm, pick your tree and go!  Donations are welcome, but not required.  You will be helping them control what has now turned into an mini-invasion of this species of tree on the burial grounds, so it's a definite win-win!  Plus, hot cocoa, tea and cookies?  I'm sold!


Reporting from Ithaca, NY on a bright but cold winter day!

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