Happy Eve of New Years Eve....I need more espresso to get through 2011!

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As we sit 36 hours away from 2011 (as I write this) the excitement of a new year with new opporunity is mixed witha little fear and dread. My business partners and I have been agressively charting and planning over the last month.  We have been documenting our budgets (both personal and business).  We have been analyzing how our time is spent and most importantly wasted.  We have been looking at closing rates and ratios.  We have been looking at our communication and follow up with clients, associates,  and sphere of influence.  And FINALLY wee have been looking at what our financial goals are.

Carter needs more espresso

We have been able to get as detailed with our business planning as determining how many mailings, calls, emails, and emails we need to  plug in to reach our sales goals.  We know what the average sale is and we know how many we need to make.

So here's the thing...I'm feeling a wee bit overwhelmed with the figures.  I just met with my accountability partner this morning and discussed time blocking.

My current plan for success involves the following:

  1. List writing and checking items on list from prior evening every night before slumbering
  2. Starting the day (6 days a week) with making pertinent calls (8:00-9:15)  before the computer come on!
  3. Two days a week making direct calls (in 3hour blocks) to folks facing foreclosure.  
  4. Two hours daily (5 days a week) updating webites & blogs.
  5. Three weekly lunch dates with VIP Sphere
  6. Monday Morning Staff Meetings
  7. Monthly Vendor meetings for cross referals
  8. Weekly Mailers (Wednesday All Day Event)
  9. Visiting Area properties for HOT LIST- Friday 8AM-2PM
  10. Hold an Open House at one of our RED HOT Listings every week with a purpose.
  11. Take Thursdays Off.
  12. Check in with accountability coach every Wednesday morning.



My question for you,  my Activerain friends is this:


Are you ready for 2011 and what's your plan for success?

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Dawn Crawley
Dawn Crawley Realty - Pinehurst, NC
Find Pinehurst Homes

I'm working on my plan and it looks similar to yours. However, I never make phone calls before 9:) And I can't help but turn my computer on first thing. An addiction I don't won't to overcome. At least for now. Good luck and much success in the New Year.

Dec 30, 2010 05:25 AM