How to Be a Realtor Magnet for Mortgage Professionals

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This technique will bring you more Realtors than you can handle. And that's not a bad place to be.

I have 2 words that you must understand. Credibility and Dependability.  credibilty and dependability is everthing. Imagine a buyer who is in the market for their first home, they go to their Realtor, and because of the relationship you built with that Realtor, he recommends you.

You get the call, and the buyer skips the usual 50 questions and cuts right to the chase, when can we meet?

What if you had this relationship with 2, 3 or even 20 realtors. Of course you would only choose the busiest realtors. I know what you're thinking, they must have loan officers approaching them all the time? Well, I know a way of getting around that too. It's called going the extra mile. Instead of sending e-mails and letters, call and set up lunch, or a brief meeting. Remember, this is a numbers game , so don't take it personal, if you don't get the first two appointments. If you sound sincere, and come across offering something beneficial, you will get the appointment.

When you get the appointment, follow with a strong appeal, which is this,  "you can depend on me". "I will do what I say. No surprises.  If you pitch a fast prequal or closing, live by that. If you say you can offer more loan products, stand by that.

That's it. If you follow these suggestions, you will become a Realtor Magnet. Why? Because Realtors will know they can count on you doing what you say you will do. 

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Gita Bantwal
RE/MAX Centre Realtors - Warwick, PA
REALTOR,ABR,CRS,SRES,GRI - Bucks County & Philadel
i agree Realtors need someone they can count on , who will go the extra mile for their clients.
Sep 21, 2007 11:53 PM
Jerald Tuck
Star Quest Commercial Capital, LLC - Richmond, VA
HI Gita thanks for the comment. It amazes me how so few follow this simple formula of going the extra mile. We live in a world today where we want everything handed to us with the least amount of effort. I can tell you that I have never had a problem networking because I live by this formula called dependabilty and going the extra mile. You have to take time to cultivate relationships. The effort may only pay you in time in the beginning, but the rewards down the road outweighs any time expended.
Sep 22, 2007 04:01 AM
B. A. Moore
Advanced Mortgage Lending Services, Inc. - Downingtown, PA
Pennsylvania Mortgage Broker


I have lived by being dependable.....the referral businees from being reliable has been great......Realtors are a different breed here.....alot of "special arrangements" inside the office's.....I have a few now and hope to get more.....thanks for the message.

Oct 03, 2007 07:31 AM
Kevin McLaughlin
S&P Mortgage (Alumni) - Binghamton, NY
I have been doing that for three weeks now.  I was using the email/phone calls and receiving zilch for too long.  So far I've bought 2 cups of coffee, 1 diet soda, 1 lunch, had 2 in-office meetings and already was invited back to the office for an hour long presentation along with the owners of my company; and I received a solid referral during the meeting!  Luckily I enjoy meeting people, so when I call the realtor and say "I'd like to introduce myself to you over a coffee, lunch, or just at your office," it goes over wonderfully. My business has tripled in two weeks. 
Oct 21, 2007 04:36 PM
Matthew J Blum - (retired from the business)
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Jerald, Great advice.  You can get to know someone  much better over lunch and get the feeling if they are just in it for a quick buck or do they really care about the clients.
Oct 22, 2007 12:03 AM
Kris Krajecki
Kris Krajecki - FOX VALLEY MORTGAGE - Huntley, IL - Huntley, IL
Mortgage Broker Huntley, IL

My local Real Estate office (and I won't name names) only had 5 sales last month!!!


Oct 22, 2007 03:50 AM