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You may have to cut and paste the above link.  I read this article an couldn't believe my eyes.  The author of this article is so completely misled that is is a wonder where she got her "research."  I would urge others to send her an email (as I have done) or call her to express your digust with her untruths. 


Elizabeth Warren
Leo Gottlieb Professor of Law
Office: Hauser 200
Assistant: Carol Bateson 617/496-2024

Phone: (617) 495-3101
Fax: (617) 496-6118
Email:  (this is her Secretary and is the way to email her.)


I am a professional Mortgge Consultant and I am sick of the media taking garbage like this and publishing it as the norm.  Of course there are unethical Brokers out there.  I understand that.  But the information in her article does not even make sense.



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