Is 2011 a success or NOT?

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1) Get Up early...

2) Get some form of exercise

3) Get Dressed...

3) Get to Work...

5) Start Working

6) Manage Your Expectations

Manage yourself and everyone else you come in contact with? What are you doing this week and next week to make sure 2011 is a better year for you? For your Family???

Do you have a business plan or a business model designed or built for 2011? Do you have time for prospecting for new relationships, cultivating older relationships and then turning those relationships into sales referrals???Do you have time built into your plan for stress relief?

What is your your stress relief? The Gym? Hiking? Swimming,Running?

Is your plan dependant on your activities or those of others? Make it about you without relying on the actions of others. No excuses...Maybe it should build slowly over the course of the year. Maybe you have designated months where you work part time or not at all due to where you live or your family expectations of your time. Your plan should be filled with goals attainable but not easily attainable. Your plan should be built with feedback from co-workers and or supervisors.

Do you wake up early? How do you dress when you work from home? Do you start working at the same time everyday? All good questions to ask yourself! Only you know those answers... only you know what gets you excited to do business everyday!

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