3 Reasons to Test Drive Home Auctions

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It was bound to happen sooner or later, and it appears that sooner is here. We're talking about home auctions, an alternate strategy for sellers to generate plenty of quality buying interest in their home in a short amount of time. How short? How does two weeks sound? To our readers out there who have been watching their traditionally listed "for sale" sign take root in the front yard, fourteen short days sounds like a blessing.

The question then becomes why would you want to take the home auction method for a test drive? The short answer is because you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. So if you find yourself nearing the end of a long-term listing agreement with your real estate agent, or have been fence-sitting, trying to decide which way to leap, consider the following reasons to check out the home auction process more closely.

1. Get On With Your Life Faster: Selling a home at auction, especially if you choose the Open Door Auctions method, will literally bring an end to an often stressful time of your life. While your house is for sale, it can feel as if a giant PAUSE button has been pushed. Everything gets deferred until the house is sold - but when will the house be sold? With a home auction, you know the answer to that question and can begin planning for the next phase, known as AFTER the house sale. With the old method, you have no idea how long you and your family will be hanging fire.

2. Find Out the True Value of Your Home: Your agent might pretend to know how much your house is worth. Maybe you have a strong idea of what it should sell for yourself. But we'll let you in on a little secret. No one on this earth knows what your house is worth until you have a buyer ready to write you a check for a certain amount; then you know exactly what it's worth. The market is the only party that can reliably place a value on a property. Everything else is just wasted time and words, which behooves you to investigate the method of selling your house that gets you to the bottom line fastest.

3. Bail Out if You Don't Like It: And we saved our best reason for last. What have you got to lose by using our home auction service? Answer - nothing. Absolutely nothing. The next two weeks of your life could be the best decision you ever made.

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