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Back to School in Irving TX

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It’s back to school for students in Irving TX as well as most of the DFW area. So, a word of caution please be watchful for our young ones, walking and crossing the streets. Take some adult Cell Phone Ruleresponsibility and leave a little earlier; school zones and crosswalks will slow us down a bit. Preparing for these “slow” will help us reach our destination safe and on time.

Here’s a couple of don’ts to remember… Don’t talk on your cell phone while driving through a school zone, unless you have the appropriate hands-free accessories. The fine could be as high as $500. That’s not the way to get the school year off.


Don’t speed through a school zone; remember that it’s 20mph. The fine is around $312. Some of the studenspeed limitts will be driving themselves to school, certainly an exciting time; but safety should always, always come first.


The Irving ISD has been preparing diligently so that our young ones can enjoy a successful school year. So as responsible parents and advocates of our communities, let’s do our part to help make this a safe a happy school year!


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