No News Is Good News!

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Good Morning Everyone. Bob has a nice post today that I agree with. Have you tried to cut out watching the Gloom/Doom news reports  yet? I get my news on line and now find that Im less depressed.

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I total up how many hours a week I work these days and when I see the total it can be tiring. I am immersed in Healdsburg Real Estate and Sonoma County Real Estate. If I am not showing property at the end of Mill Creek I am working on marketing or networking with my Facebook Healdsburg Real Estate site.


Because of my work load I have to make sure I get lots of rest, go to the gym for 2 hours daily, eat right and stay grateful. My daughter helps a lot with that last part. I am now aware that I have been putting something bad in the mix.


We all know that we only get out of something what we put into it. Nothing could be truer when it comes to “local news”. I had developed a morning ritual of watching the local morning news on KTVU or CBS. I know better than that. Do I really care how much traffic is on the 580 or for that part do I need to know “how bad things are”.


My dear old friend Bernie Carpenter had taught me better than that. Bernie had a mantra when he did his public speaking and he did a lot of it. He had a great message of spirituality. He always tied his powerful message down at the end. If you did not get the message at least you walked away with this. “And by the way turn off that news at night, if you have to read the newspaper, then just stick with the funnies. And for god’s sake do not listen to that country western music”.


You know Bernie was right. I am cleansing from watching the national news for about two weeks now and I do feel better. For local news there are much better “Hyper Local” sources like or The Healdsburg Tribune. Try fasting away from all of that negativity. I promise you will feel a lot better in no time.


A BIT ABOUT BERNIE                                                                                                                                Bernie Carpenter was a great guy with a wonderful wit. A spiritual man with a Boston accent. Bernie had some great stories. He had bought a motorcycle when he turned fifty “because that is what you do when you are as young as me”. Bernie was scared to death of that thing so he would sit on it in the garage and pretend to ride it and even make noises with his mouth . He would let you know where he ridden in his mind the night before in great detail. He was hysterical.  We should all be so lucky as to have an Eskimo like Bernie in our lives!


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