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Sustainable EnergyBethesda and the surrounding neighborhoods have so much to offer, and now we can add a commitment to clean energy by area businesses.


On September 15, over a dozen companies participated in the Trans-Atlantic Symposium on Cleantech Innovation and Federal Contracting at the John Hopkins Montgomery County Campus. Among the attendees were American companies such as Lockheed Martin of Bethesda and Clean Currents of Rockville as well as several Swiss companies. The main focus of discussion was clean renewable energy, and there were some outstanding things to share.


Lockheed Martin met its 2010 goals to become a greener company by reducing its carbon output 15 percent.  It also used 22 percent less water and decreased landfill waste by 26 percent.  The company has also been developing energy efficient systems for communities and business parks in Bethesda and elsewhere, the goal being to save money on energy costs and make these systems more environmentally sustainable.


Clean Currents helps businesses amortize the capital costs of clean energy such as wind and solar so they can plan for their electricity usage over time.  And these are just two of many local companies committed to being greener.


Switzerland attended the conference to both share how its companies support sustainable energy and to learn some new ideas from Montgomery County businesses.  The Swiss have been working hard to be more energy efficient since they fit a population equal to New York into a country that is half the size of West Virginia. Both Montgomery County and Swiss representatives would like to create business partnerships to share ideas on renewable energy.


Sustainability is a global issue that will eventually impact the daily lives of everyone in the world. What better place to start than right here where local residents can reap the benefits of a greener earth.


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