Short Selling Your San Jose House? Why Not Get Out Of Debt At The Same Time?

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San Jose CA – A short sale is the best option to erase upside down mortgage debt. A homeowner can often erase hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt.
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I assume that you are looking to short sale for the following reasons.
1. Debt Reduction. You want to short sale and wipe out the upside down debt. You can’t afford or don’t want to repay the upside down debt.
2. You are willing to suffer the resulting credit damage a short sale will bring. Part of your rational is that the credit damage will be well worth the resulting reduction in debt.
If you are going to suffer the credit damage, then you might as well wipe out the rest of your debt at the same time. Make sense?
Here are a few debts you can erase at the same time when you are short selling your house.
* Credit card debts. You can often re-negotiate better terms on your credit card debts. An interest rate reduction from 18% to 10% will make a huge difference on your monthly payments.
You can even just go “cold turkey” on these debts and just stop paying them at all. Many of them will settle with you for as low as 50% of the balance owed.
If you wait for 6 months, then you can sometimes settle for even less than 50%.
* Car loans. Many people have been able to negotiate a lower interest rate on their car loans. This results in a lower monthly payment.
* Other unsecured loans. You can re-negotiate better terms with these lenders or just stop paying them altogether. Thinking about a short sale?
I can help you short sale your property and get back on your feet. Send me an e-mail at sccrealestateprofessionals@yahoo.comclicking">">clicking here.
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I will tell you i have seen this firsthand.  A recent short sale before we even closed was offered by 2 of their credit cards 0% interest and 60 even payments to pay off their cards.

That is huge rather than the card companies just default them to 30% and close them.

And I even saw American Express say if they could just start paying again, they would tack on the missed payments to the principal and not default their rate if they stayed on track for the next 12 months.

Now this in my opinion is a very nice offer.

Sep 18, 2011 02:40 PM