There's strength in that HOA

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We have had amazing turn of events here with the leasing going on for the Barnett Shale.

Most of the past leasing in subdivisions has been paying the homeowners about $1500 per acre.  And with about 5 lots per acre they have been getting about $300 per lot for an upfront bonus.  On top of that, most of the owners have been getting about 18.75% to 20% royalty interest.

Well, now some of the HOA have gotten smart and are banding together to negotiate the lease for the entire subdivision.  I am pretty amazed that they were able to get everyone together.  I have been in several HOA's in the past and most of our meetings had a lot of loud language.  Seems everyone had their own opinions about block parties, halloween events, etc. 

Well, it appears that when money is involved the people are a little more agreeable.  When there is one entity to negotiate the lease it is amazing what can happen.  Instead of getting $1500 per acre, or $300 per house lot, some have been getting $15000 per acre, of $3000 per lot.  Now I am not a math major but I do know that zeros at the end of dollar amounts, before the decimal point, are a VERY GOOD THING.  They also got 27.5% in royalty interest. 

This may not sound like much to some of you but a free $3000 that drops into my lap is a very welcome event.  If you were lucky enough to have about 2 acres for your homestead, and they drilled a good well, you might be looking at 6 figures in future income.  Not bad for something that you probably didn't know you even owned.

If any of you out there are facing mineral right issues give me a shout.  I don't know it all but I am willing to share the knowledge.

Talk to you next time.

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