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True Story,

The very first home I ever sold was an experience in patience for both the buyers and myself!  The couple were newlyweds; each had a young son from a previous marriage; different back grounds, and still getting to know each other while working full time jobs and juggling custody agreements!

They were renting a home from his employer and the home was an hour away from everything; jobs, children, shopping, you name it and they had to drive. They also enjoy entertaining and had trouble getting others to come out to the home, due to travel time, winding roads, and climbing steep un-paved roads in the winter.

The home was large and sitting on 5 acres at the top of the hill; the husband really enjoys the outdoors and this location to be ideal because of the acreage. She really loved the spaciousness of the home and a very open and airy floor-plan.

The both wanted to find a home that incorporated everything they both loved about their present home on a very restrictive budget!  Since the home they were renting was through his employer, he was getting a very good price on it; however, when you translate it into mortgage payments, there was no way to satisfy everything they wanted on a budget they could afford.

We looked at several homes in their price range, spent countless hours trying to find just the right place with no luck. Then disaster struck! She was on her way to work one winter morning and was hit by an on-coming vehicle because neither vehicle could stop due to ice covered roads! After the jaws of life were used to cut her and her son out of vehicle, a heart stopping wait of almost 2days, we found out that both would completely recover!

This young man then showed me the meaning of true love! He started quoting the phrase “happy wife-happy life!” The most part about this was that he meant it!

He quit looking at any homes until after his wife had seen them. We walked into one house one day and she knew it was right as soon as she came in the door! It was a feeling; I had grown so close to this couple, that we both knew this was her home!

The yard was small, it was in a gated community and everything else was exactly the opposite of what he was looking for.  He never even blinked, he said yes at first sight of the home! They have been in the home now for 3 years and have a new baby! They are very happy and we spend a lot of time together.

What seemed to be an impossible situation became a success story as well as an inspiring love story! 

This is why I became a realtor; I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives.  I never imagined how rewarding it would be for me also!

I will work hard to make difference in your life also, whether you are buying or selling; you are special and unique!

Your Home Happiness is My Ultimate Goal and #1 priority!

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Ed Gillespie
WealthWise Mortgage Planning, a Division of American Pacific Mortgage Corporation NMLS #1850 - Folsom, CA

That's quite an eventful first sale!  But I am guessing it was one of your most rewarding!

Nov 15, 2011 11:30 AM