Events and Activities in Enterprise Alabama

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Things to do and see in Enterprise Alabama

When looking for things to do in Enterprise, Alabama, the first stop one should make is the Enterprise Welcome Center. The welcome center serves as a rest stop and is a replica of an early 19th-century log home. Maps and brochures are readily available to assist in your adventure in and around Enterprise, Alabama. There are also guides that can answer any questions you may have as well as give tours of the Little Red Schoolhouse, a replica of a rural American school complete with desks, schoolbooks, chalkboards, and a pot bellied stove. Enterprise AL homes and properties

There are several monuments worth stopping at in the city area. Probably the most famous one would be the Boll Weevil Monument in the center of town. This monument is a statue of a female figure holding a trophy with a boll weevil on top. Although the monument celebrates the diversified prosperity of Enterprise, it is said to be the world’s only monument to an agricultural pest. Farmers had to plant crops other crops than cotton when the boll weevils infested the crops which became more lucrative than relying on just cotton.

The Enterprise Depot is close to the Boll Weevil Monument and rich in history as well. The building was originally built in 1903 by the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. The Pea River Historical Society purchased the building in 1974 and began the current museum.

Built at the same time as the depot, the Rawls Hotel was and still is a hub of activity for many travelers. The hotel is now a bed and breakfast plus a restaurant and bar where guests can relax close to the city shops downtown. The hotel has also had a number of “unusual occurrences” and ghost stories to add to its intrigue. Definitely worth stopping by to visit or get a bite to eat.
When looking for a quiet spot, check out the Enterprise Recreational Complex. The complex has lighted walking trails, a children’s playground area, a scenic lake and a picnic pavilion. Would be the perfect area for the kids to get out of the car and run around and play.

Although not in the city of Enterprise, the U.S. Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker is definitely worth making a side trip to see. The museum has over 160 military aircraft as well as one of the largest collections of military helicopters in the world. Displays highlight the Army’s involvement in aviations from the days of the Wright brothers and combat aircraft of World War I, to the modern technology aircrafts flown today. However, if unavailable to make it to Fort Rucker, make sure to visit the UH-1 or “The Huey” helicopter donated by US Army Aviation Center in Enterprise. Around the base is the "Walk of Generals" featuring plaques honoring commanding generals of Fort Rucker.

From old schoolhouses to railroad depots and haunted hotels, there are lots of things to do in Enterprise, Alabama. A little bit of history mixed with a little bit of intrigue equals quite an adventure. For more tips about the area or to start searching for Enterprise AL homes and properties contact the local Century 21 office. Post originated here:

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