Winning Spirit

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I am proud to say that I have coached my sons teams every season of any kind of ball in their lives. It is one of my most meaningful endeavors. While preparing for this year's baseball season, I remembered something from last season that really made me feel good about my son and proved to be a great teaching moment for me and my son.

Our games have 6 innings. It was the bottom of the 6th of the league championship game. We were last at bat and down by 2 runs. My son had been in a batting slump for most of the year, but he had managed a triple and a single on his first 2 at bats. We had a runner on 3rd with some speed.

My son clipped a grounder to short. He has amazing speed for a then 10 year old. But it proved to not be enough. The short stop fielded clean and let a bullet fly to 1st. We were a step too late!! It was out 2 so we still had hope.

Now here is the part that impressed me. My son turned from 1st and bagan to cry as he trotted back to the dugout.  I greeted him at the 3rd base line, just before reaching the dugout. I was teared up too. Not because we were sinking the game, but because I realized how much it mattered to him to do his absolute best!

I pulled him to the side and let him know how proud I was of his efforts. Then, I took a moment to tell him how glad I was to see him tearful. I wanted him to know that he will always be supported by me when he is doing his best, regardless of the outcome.

Here I am a year later., and the learning set it... for me. It hit me that if I approach each day with the same desire to win and carried that spirit with me throught my life, I would infect all who are around me. My Real Estate company, my family, our ball teams, etc would benefit from this contagion.

Don't let "being a winner" carry a negative meaning in your circles. And, if you want, like I do, to be surrounded by a winning spirit, take a look at Red Realty to see how you might benefit from full exposure to a positive, winning spirit.

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