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Encroachment - Five Yards , Repeat First Down !!!!!!!!

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For most of you football fans you probably think i am going to discuss the logistics and controversies when a  five yard penalty is assessed when a defensive lineman or blitzing linebacker crosses the line of scrimmage or the "neutral zone" before the snap  :)

In regards to real estate placing a permanent improvement such as a fence, wall, driveway or roof, so that it extends over the lot line into adjacent property owned by another, is known as an encroachment. This unauthorized intrusion on the adjoining land can limit its use and reduce it in size and value. An owner has three years in which to sue the neighbor to have the unauthorized encroachment involved here in the state of California.

Examples of common encroachments:

- Misaligned fence which encroaches your neighbors property

- A garage which encroaches on your neighbors lot

- Tree limbs and branches encroach airspace

- Roots encroach underground

- Patio extends over the property line

- Portable garden shed encroaching

- Shrubs that have been growing and are beginning to encroach on a vacant lot