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Create an ActiveRain Blog to drive traffic to your website and capture leads.
Here’s How and Why it Works

The goal of blog marketing is to drive traffic to your website(s) and generate leads from potential buyers and sellers with your call-to-actions designed for lead capture on your website.

Today, Blog marketing should be part of any Realtor’s marketing efforts simply because most consumers go to their computer looking for information about any product or service they are considering purchasing.  The most visited websites are the ones that show up on the first results page of any Google search.

Effective blog marketing with proper keyword research can get you listed at the top of the Google Results page for your business.

How ActiveRain can increase your ranking on Google.         

First a bit about search engines. Search engines rank web pages by relevancy. Google ranks every web page based on relevance for any particular keyword / keyword phrase which is searched.

Google goes about determining relevancy of web pages by following a set of rules, known as an algorithm. One of the main rules in a ranking algorithm involves the location and frequency of keywords on a web page. Call it the location/frequency method, for short.
ActiveRain has over 200,000 members who are continually interacting about one major topic “REALESTATE”. I believe the search engines already rank ActiveRain high in relation to REALESTATE and when you combine a well written blog with the properly researched keywords and post that blog on your ActiveRain you have a very good chance of ranking high in the search engines and showing up on the first results page of GOOGLE.  
ActiveRain is a powerful tool to promote listings and brand your profile as a community(s) expert.

To give your ActiveRain blog post some shelf life, and keep it alive for years to come, blog about the neighborhood and community you are targeting, include the listings for that community as part of the blog. 
Include videos of the community and the neighborhood in your blogs. Blog about HOA information, floor plans, school information, commuting, and whatever you can find that would be of interest to the residents of your target community.
Lead Capture from ActiveRain
Every ActiveRain blog must contain links back to your website for lead capture and to your Facebook Fan page to build your character and reputation as an authority in your community or area of expertise. 
Your Website is the store front for your business and showcases your expertise. It should have up-to-date well written content which is relevant to the leads you want to capture.
Keyword relevancy should be built into your website's content, images, and videos. Your website should have well crafted call-to-actions which lead to landing pages with lead capture forms.  Your leads should be stored on a database. You should be keeping in touch with your leads and past clients monthly with a drip campaign and/or email newsletter.
Is it a lot of work? Yes, but it is just another method to promote your business and listings to a broader audience for very little cost. Don’t just put it on MLS and pray. ActiveRain and Blog Marketing is the way to get the word out and get the home sold. 

Facebook Business Page

Facebook realized that many people were using their Personal Profile to promote their businesses.  This wasn’t Facebook’s original intent but they saw the need and created a special feature for this purpose.  It’s called a Facebook Fan Page (or Business Page).  Facebook Fan Pages allow you to use Facebook for business and at the same time keep your personal posts and info separate.

Why a Facebook Fan Page Is a Must for Your Business

There are over 750 million active users on Facebook and that number is fast approaching 800 million.  This makes Facebook a great place to have a business presence.

When you use your Facebook Fan Page correctly, readers will start seeing you as a valuable resource and they will begin to pre-sell themselves on your product or service.  When they contact you they will most likely already know they want YOU and they will be ready to do business.  How’s that for a warm/hot lead?!

If you don’t have a Facebook Fan Page for your business yet, get started today so you can build your Facebook presence before your competition does!

Here’s How and Why Facebook Works to Increase Your Ranking on Google

  1. Most of your target audience is on Facebook…be where they are.
  2. Facebook amplifies your message and brand.
  3. Facebook is popular with all age groups.
  4. Your Facebook Business Page appears in Google Search.
  5. Increase your visibility. Having a presence on a social network boosts your Google Ranking. You can connect your Facebook page with your website, your ActiveRain blog, your YouTube channel, and you’re LinkedIn.
  6. Measure Your ROI. Facebook has a built in “Insights” for your pages.  “Insights” is like having Google Analytics on Facebook. You can identify exactly which things you’ve shared on your page that are most popular, and to which type of person by location, age and gender.
  7. It is a 2-way communication channel with your customers and prospect.
  8. It’s easy to manage.
  9. IT’s FREE!!!

Internet Marketing is not just about marketing to the masses-- it’s about marketing to the right masses.  Choosing your keywords well and posting keyword relevant content frequently is the key to target marketing on the Internet.

Video Blogging with YouTube
Lastly, if you are not creating videos for FREE on YouTube you are missing a huge opportunity to create stickiness and increase your ranking on Google.  On an SEO front, video blogging is good for business. It can be a sure-fire way to shoot up in Google’s organic search results:according to studies, a video is fifty times more likely to land on the first results page than is a content piece of a similar nature.

You don’t have to be in the video speaking all the time, instead take videos of your listings, walk through the home and point out it’s features, take videos of the community, the neighborhood, local openings of new businesses, interview restaurant owners in the neighborhood, give out tips on how to stage a home for selling….I could go on and on….. and best of all YouTube is free and it’s owned by Google!!!

Don’t have the time or skills?

It goes without saying that I can manage this marketing effort for you and create your ActiveRain blog and Facebook Business Page and attach videos to these platforms.

  • I can manage weekly or bi-weekly article blogs for your ActiveRain blog by writing content with keyword relevancy. 
  • I can add relevant posts to your FB Business page that appeal to your target audience. I can enhance your Profile on your FB business page. I can load up videos to your FB Business page, and I can create tabs that when clicked lead back to pertinent content or Call-to-Actions on your website.

But you can post as well; it doesn’t have to all be done by me. 

Consistency is so very important in Online Marketing and increasing your ranking on Google. If you or someone managing your online marketing is not paying attention to your online marketing efforts daily or at least bi-weekly you will only have made a half-hearted attempt at generating quality leads online. You can attract your ideal clients using your website tied in with Social Media.  Your clients are out there on the web looking for someone to work with, preferably an expert in their area of interest.

Don't let your website sit out there in cyberspace and then ask yourself in a couple of months, why am I not getting any leads?  Generating leads online takes a commitment in time and resources, and it starts with Increasing your ranking on Google..  

You all know how to get leads through traditional marketing methods and the effort it takes both in time and money...well now you can generate leads with the same amount or less effort but with less expense.

You all know what the future holds and that more and more leads will soon be hanging out and shopping for experts online, if they are not there already ....step up your social media marketing and be where your leads are hanging out, and they are more likely to find you if you are ranked high on Google.

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David Grbich
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Thanks Diane - I need to invest for time with YouTube and Facebook! Regards, Dave

Jul 05, 2012 12:16 AM
Fernando Herboso - Broker for Maxus Realty Group
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Diane, a great reminder to everyone about VA's and its usefulness in investing in them.


Jul 05, 2012 12:19 AM
Bud & Beth McKinney
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There is a lot of good information on here. I knew I was spending all my time on the internet for a reason!

Jul 05, 2012 12:22 AM
Daniel J. Brudnok, REALTOR
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I am doing all but the video's.....trying to make it better.

Jul 05, 2012 12:24 AM
Marcus Rice
Equity First Realty - Richmond, VA
Your Richmond & Virginia Beach Area Realtor

Great Blog, Great information for Realtors, buyers and sellers. Thanks for sharing this detailed information about how real estate should be handled.

Jul 26, 2012 08:56 PM