"Homefinder.com Makeover" Personal Organizatin is the Key Makeover

Real Estate Agent with Long Realty West Valley

When we think about making a make over many of us think about things like our technology, or social media, our marketing and in real-time we think about getting more leads and lead generation. I've given this a great deal of thought and came up with several ideas of my makeover. I want to thank Homefinder.com for coming up with this idea of a makeover and forgiving as an incentive to go forward with the idea.

I truly believe that I could use help in a lot of areas and to try and totally makeover my business all at once would be too strenuous and get me nowhere. I would like to see my technology be stronger, by social media hit the point more often, my marketing be more effective and have more dollars put into it, and of course lead generation is always an important part in any business and I can do it better. All of these things, as part of the total makeover, would make me a much more effective real estate agent. There is one area that I believe will help me be more effective and increase my ability in all of the other areas and that is my internal organization skills.

When most people think about organization it is about a group of people that you work with, the company you and they work for, their organizational team in a lot of instances. When I'm discussing organization I'm talking about the back to basics, down and dirty organizational skills that will make me be effective. Things like cleaning up your database, having your paperwork all in order, having the tools ready every day when you go out to do your job, being prepared for every question and every instance that you come across during your business day and having a plan set forth each and every minute of every day that's going to direct you and organize you become better and more effective at what you do. These are some of the things I think about organization. These are the pieces of the things and the areas that I think will be the most effective makeover for me. I have planned how I'm going to achieve this and that's what were going to discuss next.

The first step for me is going to get everything put on paper (or on a spreadsheet) that needs to be achieved. Once I have clear overview of everything that I need to do to get organized to make my business run smoother and more efficient, then I can prioritize them all and start at number one. The beginning of being organized is to organize yourself to start. Once I have prioritized all the things that I need to reorganize my business and re-makeover myself then I can implement the plan, make it work, reevaluate it and go forward. Having begun my organizational makeover than I can reevaluate the other ares of my business that need improvement and establish a plan to make them over.

The number one thing in my makeover in my organizational re-commitment is to get the basics of my life organized so that I can go forward and organize the next area that needs attending and that is number two. The second thing I need to do is organize all the tools I have at my disposal for my business. I had taken a long hard look when I started thinking about this Homefinder.com makeover, and outside my own basic organization I thought that this was the one area that needed a major improvement. Between the company I work for Long Realty West Valley and all of the other sources that I have my disposal there are so many tools that I can use and never effectively implement them in my business. When I began listing every tool that was available to me, all for free and the ones I was paying for I became a little bit overwhelmed. I realize the best way to start this number two of my reorganization and makeover was a look at the tools I was paying for, evaluate them, decide which one of those was to give me the greatest return on investment and fully implement that my business first. Then work my way through every tool I have available to me both paid for and free and either implement then into my business or discard them and not look back.

Once having implemented the tools that I have at my disposal I go for the wrong with my makeover. My database would probably be the next thing I would attack in my makeover. When I looked in my database and all the other things I needed to do that effectively make over my business I felt that my database was fairly well organized but needed some additional work. That is the reason why I chose to organize and implement my tools first and foremost over my database. I believe my database is more important than my tools but it needed less work but if you look at your overall organization and feel that your database is not adequately designed to fit the needs your business and does not have ease-of-use that gives you the information and the ability to contact people the way we want to and it should number two.

The next thing in my makeover would be to organize my paperwork in my presentation, because in the presentation and communication with your customers is where the business is made. You can do all the lead generation, social media, use all the technology and be everything to everyone but without the ability to present well and close the deal you have not. So once I have organized my life, organize implemented my tools and refine my database that I would work on my presentation. I'm sure some of you will do things in a different form or different way but with careful thought  and with a lot of self evaluation this is how I chose to begin my makeover.

My makeover will be a continuous thing now that given this much thought and laid out plans to go forward. I will go forward with my makeover of technology, social media and my marketing. But I felt that the best place to start my makeover was actually making over myself.


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