Exterior Preparation Tips For Selling Your Home

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Exterior Preparation Tips For Selling Your Home




The exterior of your home is extremely important in attracting the right attention when listing it for sale. Like the only saying goes, first impression is a lasting impression, it is the first thing that people will see and as such should impart the atmosphere and feeling that you want the home to convey. To convey that sense of awe and put forth an impressive facade try to imagine that your home is going to be on the cover of a home magazine. How should it look in the picture? Now use that as a guide as you go about shaping up the front yard and home. New paint is always a good selling point and an attractive touch. New paint can make a home look years younger and newer. Be sure to paint the home in a neutral color as aggressive colors like purple, bright green, or red can alienate a large number of buyers. Next, tend to the yard. Make sure that the lawn if you have a grass front yard is cut and the edges trimmed neatly. The neater the yard, the better the home will look. Take some time to remove any excess clutter or debris that has built up over the years and get rid of it.


Another good idea is to redo the paved area of the yard. Over time weeds can crack cement and make it look unsightly. If you want to make the driveway and walk area look as good as new, resurfacing with an asphalt surface adds a clean aesthetic note to a yard.  Installing pavers is a very nice touch. At this time you can also add new topsoil and mulch to the gardens. Mulch is a great idea as it will keep weeds from growing back and making a mess of gardens. Try using a dark mulch, as the dark color will set off the new flowers that you should plant nicely!



This is also a great time to see to the roof. Ensure that the valleys are clear and clean of all leaves and debris Also, have the roof checked out. This would be a great time to address any repairs that need to be done.  When you get a contract it will eliminate any objections that a buyer might have.  One thing that is a great selling point is a new roof with a warranty. Most tile roofs in Arizona will last 50 years, but the under lament needs to be replaced every 15 to 20 years.  If there are any problems with the roof, know they will come up during the home inspection and smart buyers will likely have subjects that concern the replacement of the roof or a large discount if it needs replacing or fixing. If you are aware of any concerns ahead of time you can better prepare for dealing with them. Now get to it. Put some lipstick on the front of your house and dress it up so you can attract more buyers when you place it on the market for sale.




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