How to Clean Out a South San Francisco Home Before A Probate Sale

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There is nothing I enjoy more than helping a family sell a South San Framcisco home left to heirs through probate. I know, it doesn’t take much to make me happy, but I am who I am. Over the years I have developed a system to sell South Francisco homes in probate and it works really well!


 1. Look at a home and see if there are valuables that are worth selling in the South San Francisco home in probate. Many homes are left with enormous amounts of personal property, sometimes with value and sometimes not. For example crappy cars have value, but beautiful over stuffed furniture does not.


2.          If there is something of value to sell I usually recommend calling an auction house to come and take over the job of selling the personal property they believe will sell. I like DGW but there are others. They sell the property at auction, deduct their percentage and fees, and send a check to the heirs.

3. The next step is to separate the recyclable items and find places to recycle. There are people who take metal, The Ecunemical Hunger Project will take clothes, and the City of San Carlos will take to take paint.

4. Next are items that can be donated. Organizations like Goodwill and Saint Vincent De Paul will take some furniture.

5. After everything that can be sold, donated, or recycled is gone then call the haulers. I like Junk King. Since it costs money to haul away trash I only do it after all other ways of disposing of unwanted property have been exhausted.

6. One the home is free of personal property and debriS, the process of making it look as good as possible for sale can begin.

So, if you have a home in South San Francisco to be sold through Probate and it is filled with stuff, it may seem overwhelming. Many people who lived through the depression maintained the habit of never throwing anything out. If you are the personal representative for the estate of a home in Probate in South San Francisco you may feel overwhelmed. But if you use a system (or hire me and let me organize the sale of your South San Francisco home in Probate ), it becomes a much less daunting task.

If you have any questions about Selling a South San Francisco home in Probate please feel free to contact me.

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