Frustrated with Phone Systems Interactive Voice Response?

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Have you ever needed to talk to a person at a company and you find you are stuck in their interactive voice response system instead? Ever want to bypass the system because none of the choices are what you need? Well there is an excellent website that we discovered that tells you just how to bypass the IRV and get you speaking with a human.

There is a database out there that keeps track of these things. And this is one that we all could use! Banks, Electric Companies, Service Providers are all listed on this site. So Western New York, the next time you need to speak to a real person, give it a try!

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Miriam Bernstei
Rochester, NY
Love it, thanks a lot for posting this.
Jan 25, 2008 11:09 PM
Antoinette Gabriel
Remax Flagship - Windsor, CT
Thank you!  Great information thanks for sharing.  It's so frustrating when stuck in their Interactive Voice Response and in a hurry and feel trap. Thanks for showing us a way out.  Have a great day.
Jan 25, 2008 11:17 PM
Kevin McGrath
Long & Foster Real Estate Companies- Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania - Fredericksburg, VA
Long & Foster Real Estate Companies
Cool. It really burns me when I get stuck in electronic limbo with some of these companies. Realtors get a bad rap sometimes, but at least we answer our phones......
Jan 25, 2008 11:41 PM
June Piper-Brandon
Coldwell Banker Realty - Columbia, MD
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We recently switched our phone service from Verizon to Cavalier.  Problem is we have 6 actual lines and 2 virtual lines and we use ultra call forwarding and we have a hunting order so that if a call comes in on one line it automatically rolls to the next if that line is busy.  I met with a rep from Cavalier who swore that they could handle our business and they had the features we needed so I signed up since it was going to save us about $100 a month. 

The first problem was they didn't have an ultra call forward, or they do and it doesn't work with our phone system and I was on the phone for an hour and half on hold waiting to speak to an individual who swore the problem was resolved (it's not), I called and spoke to a Manager who also swore the problem was resolved and gave us a credit for a months service.  It still isn't resolved.  So last week I spent an hour on hold switching our phones back to Verizon.  And, our first bill came in and it was more than Verizon so I'm really not happy. 

I'll settle for Verizon until there is a VOIP that will allow for hunting lines. But, the biggest problem with this was the automated call answering thing that insisted it could help me with my problem.  I JUST WANT TO TALK TO A HUMAN BEING!!!!


Jan 26, 2008 12:00 AM
Nancy Brenner
Referral Associates of Georgia, Inc. - Roswell, GA
Roswell Georgia Real Estate Agent

That's a great site but for the companies that are not listed....
### 0000 ###  0000 ###  0000
These are the keys I hit until I hear a human voice.

Jan 26, 2008 12:05 AM
Pat Preston
Shore Realty - Nags Head, NC
I agree. When I get these automated responses I hit operator until a human comes on. If not, I hang up.
Jan 26, 2008 12:12 AM