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Finally, professional designs for real estate Flyers that don't break the bank!

It only costs $95 right now, but should be much more. Please understand that I do not own this product just want to make it known!

Professional Flyer and Brochure design for a listing can cost anywhere from $75-$300 and you still have to get it printed for an additional cost. I have personally designed hundreds of flyers for our clients however it just wasn't very cost effective for us to do so as a photography company.

I found a product that is helping my clients produce their own professional flyers and brochures and save a ton of money in the process. Now Agents can produce all of their professional Flyers through the help of a simple program that costs less than what one might pay for a single design by a professional graphic designer.

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You gotta check this out:  If you like it... feel free to share it... Enjoy!

Easy to use Flyer Templates

  1. Design hundreds of Flyers for the price of "1" (vs. hiring a designer)
  2. Very simple instructions
  3. Video tutorials
  4. Over 50 templates
  5. Can be professionally printed
  6. Can be emailed to prospects
  7. "NO" design software needed
  8. SIMPLE, and very professional
  9. And More...  Click Here!


For information on this... simply click the image to the right.

Let me know what you think about this, and if you're using anything comparable that is out of the box "EASY" with no software needed. I saw this and had to share it.

Thanks, and I hope this helps someone.

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