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Orlando Single Family Homes Show Highest Gains in April

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Single-family homes in Orlando sold for higher values than almost every other area in Florida during April, showcasing Central Florida's continued recovery and popularity in the real estate market. In total, the median price for single-family homes reached $161,000, which is an impressive 20.1 percent increase from just a year ago. This keeps stride with the median value of Florida's 20 largest metropolitan areas, which reached $165,000 and a 17.4 percent increase over the year prior.

While single-family home price increases stole the spotlight last month, Orlando's condo and townhome prices also showed impressive growth. Condos and townhome prices rose approximately 16.4 percent over the same period and reached a median price of $128,000. The median price for multi-famly units climbed to $89,900, which was an increase of 19.9 percent from last year.

Other nearby areas also showed improved growth over the past years, including Cape Coral, Naples, and Brevard. Overall, it's an exciting time for real estate throughout Central Florida, and the sun is definitely shining over the market here once again!