"Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses..."

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I am always motivated by the Statue of Liberty.  I aspire to be a Utah Loan Officer who invites anyone from any background, any economical plight, and any type of disability into my office.  Its an opportunity to begin a relationship.  Its an opportunity to learn how the rich live.  And how the poor live.  And how people from other cultures live.  Its a place to listen to someone's story and build an exchange of information.  Its an opportunity to enrich my life and the other person's life.  Oh, did I forget?  Yes, its also a place to Originate a Loan. 

Statue of Liberty

Recently I had an interesting loan prospect from someone who forgot to tell me he had a FORECLOSURE and an IRS JUDGMENT for $40K.  His credit rating, surprisingly enough, was decent.  I wanted to give him better news about loan possibilities than I could.  Anyone have any ideas????  

The very next evening, at a dinner party,  a good friend of mine asked if I had any avenues for a Super Jumbo Construction Loan on a spec house.   As the discussion continued, I realized it was maybe possible, but certainly with more challenges than meets the eye.  I'd like to hear of anyone who has access to 4-5 million dollar loans for constructing a spec home.

I have met the most amazing people.  Every loan application I take, has a story behind it.  And I have never taken a loan application from someone who was just "boring" or "regular."  Its an interesting road we walk down, isn't it? 

I market, I blog, I stay visible, I blog, I volunteer, I blog, I build on relationships,  I blog, I truly believe in keeping a WELCOMING OPEN DOOR POLICY to anyone in my circle of influence. . 

open door

Oh did I mention I BLOG?   FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO AREN'T KEEPING YOUR DOOR OPEN TO SERIOUS BLOGGING ADVANTAGES, here's my recent experience.  I'm one of those who blogged but was skeptical, until I was at my favorite look-it-up site  www.google.com one day last week searching for Park City Business Women's Network, and Lo and Behold, there I was listed in the first position, www.city-data.com/profiles/2234. Then I was curious, and searched for "Park City Utah Mortgages" and was listed at the bottom of the first page, www.activerain.com/koko 

So market, stay open to new opportunities, Seriously Blog and let me know what you do with the really tough loans that come your way!

Renee Kokoszka, Park City, Utah Loan Officer, 435-962-5656

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Bob Sloop, Consultant, Indianapolis, IN
RS Mortgage Consulting - Indianapolis, IN
Very nice blog, and blog and blog, take care. Bob
Jan 25, 2007 12:09 PM