Move home improvement efforts indoors

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Fall is upon us - and while it is absolutely beautiful to see the fall colors - it is time to move your home improvement efforts inside your home instead of outside.  Let your garden hybernate - and let's tackle some really quick, easy, and inexpensive home improvement ideas that will surely make your home more comfortable, modern, and if you are selling or thinking of selling, more attractive to potential buyers! 

BATHROOMS - yes, we ALL like nice bathrooms!  Thankfully, it is not as hard nor expensive to update and renovate a bathroom as you may think.  Simple touches like new hardware, paint, light fixtures and trim around a mirror can make a huge difference.  Watch this video by Lowe's to see exactly what I'm talking about:  

KITCHEN - The gathering area - like it or not, we all spend a ton of time in our kitchens!  So take a weekend and spruce it up!  Simple things like new hardware, paitned cabinets, window coverings, new cook top accessories, shelves, etc. will make a huge difference.  Here's a video for more ideas!  

LIVING ROOM/DEN - when we are not in the kitchen, we're in the den playing games, watching TV, reading the newspaper or visiting with friends.  Sometimes all it takes is a little rearranging of the furniture, window coverings and paint to update this room!  Check this out:

Have fun and enjoy the fall!!!!!


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