How important is Credit when buying or renting a home?

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It makes a huge difference between you and the next buyer or renter. It is usually not very difficult at all. The key to having credit is HAVING CREDIT. I met many people who were cash driven on every purchase. Well in order for companies to know your credit worthiness, they must see it. You want to keep 2-3 open accounts ( cars, student loans, credit cards, department store cards etc)  and keep the balances below 20% of your credit limit. Pay them on time each month. It does not matter at this point the number of bad accounts you have in the past but what you are going to do moving forward. Some good ways to start are secured credit cards or loans. Did you know you can also negotiate the payment of your student loans in many cases as well. Get these payments negotiated to your advantage and keep them paid on time and watch your credit score move!




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