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Westport: There's a New Boy in Town

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Westport: There's a New Boy in Town

You've probably heard the wise-crack answer to "When does life begin?"...When the kids leave home and the dog dies! For us, that situation occured fourteen years ago.

We got Gambi, our first Miniature Schnauzer, just six months after we were married. He was our "first son" and was part of the family for almost seventeen years. Our boys had never known life without a "doggie brother" and, after losing Gambi, wanted us to get a new puppy.

We brought Westi home, about a year later. He was with us for fifteen years. After that, my husband said he couldn't go through losing another dog. We were done! That was it! Never Again! That is, until a few weeks ago.

I don't know what possessed me, but I started looking a Schnauzer pictures, online. That was our undoing. From there, it went to checking out breeders. It quickly progressed to a debate - Should we? Shouldn't we? Mr. "Never Again" was the first to cave!

Skipper arrived, three days ago, from Gloria, a wonderful lady, in Missouri, who owns Silver D Puppies and breeeds Miniature Schnauzers. It didn't take Skipper long, to make himself at home, on "Daddy's" lap.

Skipper at home, in Westport


A couple of years ago, I posted a photo blog of dogs, at Compo Beach. Skipper must have heard about it, because that was the first Westport outing, he chose.

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