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The annual season of less-restraint has progressed into the January anticipation of holding true to whatever pledges were toasted to ring in the New Year. At the close of another twelve-month business calendar, it’s time for reflecting on more than vices, extra pounds or unprofessional behavior! 

A colleague has for some time being juggling the pros and cons of continuing in the real estate profession. It feels perilous to even think of departing a brokerage which has earned the largest slice of the market share pie; and even more dicey to leap from one frying pan into another fire! As with all major decisions, being objective is strenuous – and post-holiday lag can feel heavy on one’s shoulders. 

I’ve been reviewing a lot of training materials handed out to me over the years in my own real estate career, and two conflicting theories clash. The first is commitment to the work, “it’s all or nothing”. No slacking off and no half-hearted effort. Plan your work and work your plan – or so the saying goes. 

Secondly, entrepreneurs are encouraged to block personal time on their calendar before anything else. Vacations/personal time/fitness time and business development time are all essentials – our mental and physical well-being depends on each in some measure. 

The puzzle for me has always been how to create an appropriate balance. How much effort is too much, and how much is not enough? Am I working smart or simply working? The use of a Time Awareness sheet was helpful – where I learned how much time in a day was being spent in what is an unproductive manner – like checking E-mails too frequently or chit-chat in the hallway. Actually, many of us appear to unconsciously put in time instead of applying our time and efforts to the right cause! 

If indecision seems more prevalent than clear-headed thinking, it’s time to pause and take stock. Deciding whether to throw in the towel altogether or try and make a go of it elsewhere are choices that a REALTOR® needs to consider with a good square look at the pros and cons when weighing in. 





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