Old vs. New Homes Which do you prefer?

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Old vs. New Homes Which do you prefer?

In Stockton, CA, the city is filled with so many different types of homes.  We have older homes built in the 1900's that have so much charm and great bones!  They are not perfect by any means but they have so much appeal to so many buyers.  Then we have newer homes built after 2000.  These homes are large, new and lack the charm (in most cases) the older homes have.

So which do you choose?  Old vs. New Homes

I personally love new homes!  I want to move into a home and not worry too much about something falling apart.  I want high end fixtures and dual pane windows.  My husband on the other hand loves the older homes.  He says we don't get the yard space and curb appeal in a new home.  He says we can make the older home the way we want it and still keep the charm.  

I see a lot of homes in the Stockton, Lodi and Tracy, CA areas and I have to say I have seen some great new and old homes, and not so great new and old homes.  I still have not decided which home I like best, old or new, but I know when I see a home I love, it won't matter! (well too much)

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