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Why Do Buyers Deserve Better? Because legitimate professional MLS listings are cleverly being displayed on “Giant Online Home Search Sites” (GOHSS).  These same sites are riddled with junk listings, fake listings, trash listings and even fraudulent listings. All of the unreliable information causes consumers to experience disappoint, confusion and loss of confidence and loss of valuable time. All while being exposed to unrealistic information and in some cases even scams. 


Oddly the Public -Seems to be under the opinion that the “Giant Online Home Search Sites” (GOHSS) are a true and complete extension and/or reflection of official sources of professional listing information such as the MLS database of homes officially listed "For Sale".  Which we all know the MLS was created by the Realtor industry for professional use.  Not knowing any better buyers are logging onto the GOHSS by the groves expecting updated, accurate, reliable and complete listing information at the click of a mouse.  


Giant Online Home Search Sites” (GOHSS) - Offer thousands of super awesome featured listing of incredibly priced - gorgeous homes, with dazzling amenities and absolutely mesmerizingly beautiful photos and don’t forget those snappy online DIY real estate services links.  All of which seem like great tools for the home buyers, or even sellers to for a quick preview of the local housing market.


Abuse of Public Trust – By allowing and even encourage the posting of listing information that is bogus, fake, scamming, miss leading, outdated listing, expired, or even false side by side with a portion of true MLS listings - Ultimately cheats and confuses the public.  


I'm a paid Advertiser  - On a couple the “Giant Online Home Search Sites” mostly because it makes my clients who are home sellers, happy to see their home featured on these gigantic sites. Plus on rare occasions an actual qualified home buyer will reach out to me for help finding their way out of the craziness of the wild-wild online real estate maze.   


Working Together to Find a Solution - Hopefully NAR (National Association of Realtor) and its members should work together with consumers and the “Giant Online Home Search Sites” to design an online home search system that will provide home buyers with a quality online experience and protect them from misinformation. A  system that will impose certain standards and guidelines on the “Giant Online Home Search Sites” before selling those company's links to our precious industry MLS information. 

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The Bold Truth by Charisse - Trust Begins With Honesty....

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The Bold Truth by Charisse - Trust Begins With Honesty

Apr 24, 2020 01:33 PM