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There truly is a science when it comes to staging difficult floor plans and more often than not, it is these layouts that are the most difficult to sell.  So what floor plans is that you ask?

Rectangle Floor Plan                

The long narrow rectangular floor plan and what can be even more challenging is when it is a loft with 20ft ceiling heights which can add to that clostrophobic boxy feel. 


The rectangular floor plan is one of the least desirable styles of homes from detached to semi to condo and the solution will vary from one home to the next.  Below was a challenging loft.  What should have been a cult metropolitan luxury; a trendy loft in a trendy neighbourhood and up until we staged it had sat for 4 months with only 1 offer that fell through because potential buyers could not get past the floor plan.


So we staged it:


Liberty Village Loft

      Liberty village loft


Liberty Village Loft Kitchen   Liberty Village Loft Bedroom

In case you missed what we did, for starters rather than keeping everything hard and liner we introduced the cow skin which introduced a bold black and white organic print.  This helped to break up the boxy appearance and expand the visual perception of the space.  Angling the furniture whenever possible can also minimize the long linear illusion and make it feel a little more square.  We kept the furniture to scale giving the unit the perception of large and spacious.  Lastly we also kept the colour scheme black and white with a punch of teal and orance just for fun.


The result...


 This unit received 3 offers in that month and sold firm!

When you think about the money a home owner can save by staging from the start; carry costs alone can break the bank if you don't sell and then you have to DROP YOUR PRICE!

1 month's carry cost:

Mortgage payment:  $1050

Condo fee:  $559

Utilities: $60

Taxes: $200

Total Carry Cost for One Month:  $1,819 times 5 months $9, 095.


Had this unit been staged the first month they would have paid for the staging $3100 + 1 month carry costs and saved almost $4200!

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Rachel - job well done!  Thanks for sharing.

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