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=) Happy life is just in front of you. =)
Everyone has the opportunity to a happy life.  Everyone.  You just have to decide you want it.  And then go make it happen.
I've always been a happy person even when life's ups & downs happen.  I was raised to make the most of the situation, learn from it and move on.  Always being very positive, I could help others in rough spots find the sunshine and make a plan to find their happy.  I never downplayed their despair or ignored that it existed, just helped them see shiny spots on the horizon.
"Life's too short to dance with ugly men," as my dearly missed friend Miss Pat would say.
And then I got sick. OK, sick is an overstatement but the events that followed made me not well, physically and mentally.
Abdominal pain on my lower right side sent me to the ER June 2009.  You know what's on your lower right side?  Appendix.  Yeah, scary stuff.  Luckily, I was spared an emergency appendectomy.  After clearing me of every abdominal emergency the doctors could think of, the attending diagnosed me with Crohn's disease and suggested I see a gastroenterologist.
Long story short, saw a GI doctor and was confirmed to have active Crohn's disease.  The first round of medication prescribed required steroids in conjunction.  Nasty, nasty meds steroids are.  To sum it up without boring you (and bringing tears to my eyes), I was depressed.  Steroids lead to weight gain and messed with my head, even after I stopped taking them.  If you needed me you could find me on my couch eating.
Then one day, April 2nd 2010 to be exact, I thought "I can't do this anymore.  I can't be like this." After making that decision I felt like a cloud was lifted.  I could smile again.  People commented that the light was back in my eyes.  I had no idea how or what I was going to do but I knew it had to be something else.
I took refuge in  budding business I was excited about which eventually led to my career in real estate.  I joined a health club and received a ton of support from the owner.  I got rid of clutter, physical and mental, that was weighing my life down.  I'm not always sunshine and lollipops, no one is.  But I am happy with my life because I choose to be and I welcome what may come.
=) Happy life is just in front of you. =)

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