Do you really know what your REALTOR knows?

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In the past when speaking with clients, many are under the impression that REALTORS are making "big money."  But they didn't KNOW that we pay for everything from our postage stamps on the post cards and letters they were throwing in the garbage.  The didn't/don't know that we pay for our signs, business cards, MLS dues, our insurance, & Office Fees.  Most non-REALTORS don't even know that we not only split commission with the Listing/Selling Broker, but in most cases we have to split our half of the commission with our broker (50/50; 60/40; 70/30; 75/25, etc...).  These fees are in addition to our house payments, health insurance (which we pay out of pocket),car payments, car insurance, phone bills, power bills, some pay for an "office", and also our gas when we are showing property. 

It is very tiresome to hear people remark, "Oh, you make BIG BUCKS!"  No, we have expenses and if we are lucky enough to have a couple of contracts make it to closing in a month, we are doing good.  Also, in some markets (in my case - the Atlanta area market) there are HUNDREDS of REALTORS and real estate agents vying for business, whether Listing or gaining Buyers.

 Just my 2 cents...thought you might like to know! 


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ActiveRain City and State Listing Group
Christiansted, VI

Our county has over 2000 members of the MLS. So far this year there have been 525 residential properties sold. The average sold price of those homes has been about $272,000 which would pay somewhere around $15,000 to $16,000. That amount would then, normally be split between two brokers. That would work out to approx. $8000 per participating broker, assuming there were 2 to each sale. $8000 divided by 3 months is $2666 per month on average.

What about the other brokers that have not made a sale this year? If we were on pace with a normal year, each member should have sold at least one home by now. Somebody is NOT making a living.

Mar 29, 2008 07:23 AM
Melissa Griggs
Solid Source Realty GA - Covington, GA
Thanks, Don!  You expressed what I was trying to get accross! 
Mar 29, 2008 08:00 AM