Nothing compares to Egyptian Real Estate

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Having just returned from an Exciting trip to Egypt. I started to think about how lucky we are in America! As this picture shows in Egypt you only are taxed when your home is done. So because of this law about 90% of the homes are not complete!

Unfinshed homes in Egypt

Now can you imagine that. See the top . They just keep adding on levels but make sure it's never complete. They also have a serious trash problem. The Egyptian government is supposed to pick up the garbage. But, they don't. So people just throw the trash anywhere. Mostly in a vacant lot somewhere. Can you pictures this! They also use mud bricks to still build homes. This next picture shows the bricks.Mud brick homes So in retrospect when I think of our problems they seem so insignificant compared to the Egyptians. As we ponder our problems with the mortgage crisis and forclosures we need to understand that these too will pass.  The people in Egypt make on average $8 a day. Really all they think about is surviving. But,  our country is going to bail out buyers for having taken a gamble. Now, where in the world except America would a government help people who made a bad choice.  I will post more on this adventure and the insights I had.

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