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Courageous Living: Your Life Depends on It

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"When the homicide prevention detective suggested that I consider leaving the state, changing my name and changing my social security number, I sank. As a single mother of five, leaving my home town was not an option.

After the end of a 15 year marriage, I found myself in an abusive relationship that literally took over my life before I knew what was happening. Dozens of attempts to escape the situation failed miserably. Subject to threats, manipulation, and abuse of the criminal justice system, I found myself back at square one over and over again. I was running for my life and getting no-where, until I made a resolution that would change everything. I would get out if it cost me my life.

With that resolution came a courage that I had never experienced. With fear defied, the goal was finally attainable. I had control of my life again. I would die courageously before I would live 100 years in fear.

Do you feel stuck in any area of your life? What dream seems unattainable? What are the potential consequences of making that change in your life? Chances are that a death threat is not standing in your way. What are the obstacles? What are your fears? Is there really anything oppressive enough to compel you to choose mediocrity?

Imagine your life if you faced your fears, didn't care what anyone thought of you, and fought for your dream as it your life depended on it. What would happen? What would life look like? Everything you want for your life is possible. It's right in front you. Make your resolution. Reach for your dreams. Fight like your life depends on it, because it absolutely does."

Carla Starkie is available for everything from 40 minute keynote presentations to full one or two day goal setting and accountability workshops.

Students leave the workshop with a complete picture of their personal guiding principles, values, vision, mission and purpose in life. As a student, you will learn to use these core beliefs to make major life decisions, create a plan for today and a map for the rest of your life. You will identify your resources and learn to best use those resources to attain goals and live dreams. My desire is that you leave with courage to change, to accept potential consequences, to face criticism.... and to live a bigger life."

I'm ready to get out on the Public Speaking circuit and share my story.  Please let me know about any opportunities you run across.  I have many testmonials from Realtors who have attended workshops locally.  Now I am looking for to speaking worldwide.  THANK YOU!  -Carla

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Carla Starkie, NMLS# 1013160 
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Jeff Jensen
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Wow that really sounds like an eye-opening experience.  Good luck to you!

Dec 05, 2014 03:25 AM