Step 5 and 6 in the buying process...

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5. Choose a Property – In this fast paced market you must act quickly.  Be prepaid for multiple offers and homes selling over list price!  When you visit the properties open up cabinets, make sure items (included in the sale) work properly, open & close doors, decide what extras you would like to ask for in your contract (carpet allowance, professional cleaning, etc.), get in to the basement & attic to look at the AC unit, electrics, hot water heater, etc. Be thorough, but act quick!

6. Make an Offer – The “Offer” stage is when you will particularly rely upon the expertise of your realtor. They will provide you with comparables in the area, pull the tax records for the property, request a “Seller’s Disclosure Statement”, and use their experience to guide you to a fair starting price & offer.  Your realtor will advise you on what kind of an offer to make and let you decide if the proposed offer is where you would like to start. Once you and your realtor have agreed upon a reasonable offer, they will submit the offer to the co-operating agent or Seller. Most likely, the Seller will not accept the first offer you submit and will respond to your offer with a “Counteroffer”, in which case your realtor will continue to advise you until the negotiations are complete – hopefully resulting in an accepted offer!


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