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I am often reminded about the need and value of good leadership.

Recently I had some clients who were first-time home buyers.

They were being very particular about their choice for their first home which I totally support.

My main focus is to find them the right house that "feels right" to them. When I am able to accomplish that goal the "House" they buy will become the "Home" they will enjoy in the years ahead. 

We found what I felt was the perfect home and after a few visits they were beginning to "Feel" it. 

We went under contract and at the final hour of the option period, they got cold feet and suggested we cancel the contract. Upon talking with them for hours about the things they liked about the house, their main concern was the 7yr old roof. On a quick call to the sellers agent (who had already told us the roof was fine and they were not going to do ANYTHING to it) I told her the deal was going to be history if we did nothing. She agreed to ask, one last time, that the seller agree to half the cost of the roof. To our surprise and amazement she agreed.

I know this looks like a normal "day in the life" of a Realtor and indeed it is.


However, since we are responsible for the most important purchase of their entire lives (other than the wedding ring!) we need to be really good leaders. And the best leaders of all are really good listeners.

Being of German heritage, I found listening a bit difficult but over time I have found it to be my greatest asset.

So the thought for the day is, Invest in yourself as a leader.

There are many great works out there on leadership, ingest a steady diet of them and it will help smooth the waves of challenge that comes daily in our indusrty.


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