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Design2Sell has been so pleased with all the interns that have worked with the company over the years. Having both foreign and domestic interns has really added to our team and has been a great experience for both parties involved.  We recently had two Interior Design interns join our team and stay with us for a months time. Miriam had joined us from Austria and Isabelle is from Georgia and a soon to be SCAD student.

They were both very hands on with projects by helping the design team with preparation and installs, creating lovely artworks that could be used in future projects and working alongside our other long-term intern Tisha with keeping the warehouse looking good. 

We are so grateful for all their help this last month and are sad to see them leave, but we can't wait to see what the future has in store for them. Here are two short goodbye blurbs from them and some example of their marvelous work...

 design2sell interns

"Hi everybody! My name is Miriam and I have been working with Design2Sell for the past four weeks. This internship has been a great addition to my studies of interior architecture. Although the time passed so quickly, I gained a lot of hands-on experience. For example I had the pleasure of helping with design projects and research tasks, assisting designers at home stagings and creating vignettes and artwork. By accompanying Barbara, I experienced her way of interacting with clients in a dedicated and perceptive way. She also let me gain insight into Design2Sell´s working process. Most of all I enjoyed the conversations with the designers, who were so willingly sharing their knowledge with me. And since my home country is Austria, the internship abroad has confronted me with different perspectives and lifestyles. This will definitely benefit me in the future. I want to thank Barbara for helping me to pursue my passion for design. You taught me to do everything with a smile and a positive approach. Also, I would also like to say special thanks to the Design2Sell team for welcoming, involving and teaching me. I am deeply impressed by how motivated and cheerful you are. It has been a pleasure to get to know you all! I really hope to stay in touch with you" - Miriam

design2sell intern miriam


"I had a lot of fun at Design2Sell and had some amazing opportunities. In the three weeks I was here, I got to participate in 5 stagings and even had some more responsibilities at my second to last one. These 5 stagings taught me to look at rooms in a completely different way, and the knowledge I’ve gained will be a huge asset to me as I begin studying interior design. I also loved getting to work on artwork with the other interns and knowing that what I painted may actually be used by the designers on projects. The fact that, even though I was just an intern, the projects I did including stagings, art, and research projects, actually helped out in small and large ways was one of the amazing things about this internship. All the designers were really welcoming and in just a couple of days I felt right at home. I hope to see you all again soon" - Isabelle


     design2sell intern isabelle


design2sell interns



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Kristine, How neat to be the company that attracts such talented interns!  Thanks for sharing.

Sep 09, 2015 09:56 AM