6 Most Common Homes Staging Pitfalls That You Should Avoid

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6 Most Common Homes Staging Pitfalls That You Should Avoid


If you want to create a positive first impression on buyers of South Tampa homes in Maryland Manor, make sure to stage your home right. If your property has been expertly staged, you will come up with beautiful photos for online listings and draw buyers in during showings. However, there are handful of common mistakes that can hamper the best home staging efforts. Read on to know which home staging pitfalls you should avoid. 

Remember these designing pointers when showing your South Tampa home for sale.

1. Neglecting to stage storage

One home staging mistake that you should steer clear of is forgetting to stage storage. Potential buyers of South Tampa Maryland Manor real estate for sale will open every cupboard and inspect each floorboard when they view your property. If you want to make a positive first impression, don’t forget to thoroughly clean and declutter every corner of your house.


2. Covering up major defects

While it is natural as a seller to highlight the positive features of your home, be careful that you do not end up deceiving buyers of South Tampa Maryland Manor real estate for sale. You may strategically downplay the negative aspects of your home, but make sure that you do not cover up major issues or health and safety hazards. Keep in mind that you can be held legally responsible for failing to disclose mejor defects.


3. Doing major renovations

As much as possible, avoid performing any major renovations on your home. This may not be the right time to spend a substantial amount of money on new cabinets or replacing all your appliances. It will be better if you will go for smarter and simpler upgrades such as fresh coat of paint on cabinets and walls and new fixtures or hardware.


4. Over staging and over accessorizing

One thing you have to remember when it comes to staging is that it is about placing well-thought accessories in key places. If you make the mistake of over staging your home, you might create an unrealistic lifestyle impression on buyers. Your goal is to reflect the lifestyle of buyers and not to create a fantasy.


5. Leaving rooms vacant

Vacant homes tend to linger on the marker. Without furniture and decor, the home feels uninviting and void of any emotion. They also tend to magnify flaws since there is nothing else that will attract buyers’ attention. If you want to sell your home fast, stage every room and show buyers how they can use the space. Just make sure to use minimal furniture in every room to avoid distracting buyers.


6. Listing too early

Don’t list your property if it is not yet ready. Before you put your home on the market, make sure that you have completed all the necessary touch-ups or repairs. Once you see your home is ready to impress buyers, then that is time to list it.


Keep these tips in mind when staging your home. Highlight your home’s best features and steer clear of these common pitfalls. Visit http://www.TampaTodayRealEstate.com today for more helpful tips on home selling and home buying.


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