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As part of series of articles about generation gaps, this part provides you detail information, characteristics and values about the oldest generation namely Traditionalist or Silent Generation.
For information about definitions and identifying all generations that are present around us, please see Part 1 at http://www.texasfivestarrealty.com/Generation_Gaps_Defintions.asp

Part 2: Traditionalist or Silent Generation

What defines a Traditionalist generation?

  The members of this generation were born before 1946 (Born 1945 and Prior).

  The traditionalist experienced the Great depression, World War I and World War II.

The life of this generation have been affected, directly or indirectly, by the long World War I and II and great depression.

Characteristics of Traditionalist Generation

  Traditionalist or Silent (Born 1945 and Prior)

  Traditionalists are loyal.

  Submissive because they were taught to respect authority.

  Traditionalists will avoid causing trouble and are good team players.

  They are the least likely to initiate conflict at work.

  There is also a tendency to resist change.

  They are the least likely to change jobs (jump from one job to another)

  They value stability, safety, security, consistency and commitment.

  Traditionalists like to be recognized for their hard work. Recognition is one of the key characteristics of this group.

  Traditionalists also see work as a team effort and avoid conflict.

  This group is also technically challenged and they may struggle to learn new technology.  However, there are many that have email, facebook and other social media accounts and communicate with others with these new technologies.

  They also prefer lecture style training over web-based such as online studies and webinars.

Traditionalist Background

  The Traditionalist had very little exposure and need for computers and other devices we take for granted today (e.g., PCs, laptops, tablets, smart phones, etc).

  The Traditionalist relied on human interaction for their daily entertainment. This affects how the generations interact with each other. For example, a Traditionalist may prefer to speak with a coworker face-to-face, but the younger would rather text or instant message their conversation.

  The Traditionalist valued their relationship with others. They will honor and value their promises. This affects how the generations deal and do business with each other. For example, a Traditionalist may prefer to shake hand in a business transaction, but the younger would rather go through the legal process and signing documents in their business transactions. 

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