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This post began as a Wordless Wednesday entry but it didn't have the back-story to support it's fearsome looks which it desperately needed. In 2007 Earthrace began to show the World what bio-fuels were capable of to make their carbon footprint disappear to the many skeptics of the time and display an excellent performance level while doing so . A purpose built craft whose mission was to circumnavigate the Earth in record time. It did and cut the time by 18 days and now remains at 61 days with 11 minutes to spare.


No one had heard of a "wave piercing" hull design except for many of the submariners who ply the oceans. This vessel can't dive deep but it can get about 7 meters below the surface as it literally cuts through waves rather than ride atop them. It's generally accepted that a circumnagation record entails a distance traveled to be at least 21,600 nautical miles to become a certifiable record. By July 2008 the it became official. At optimum efficiency of 6 knots this 78 footer was capable of going 13,000 miles on a single tank of fuel. It likes to go faster and achieves 25 knots relatively easily but as you can imagine the mileage suffers and the tank now gets you about 2,800 miles at that speed.

There's some truth to the legend that changing a boat's name can bring bad luck. I'll leave you to find the details but suffice to say when Earthrace was renamed Ady Gil it didn't take long to seal its fate. Say hello to another visitor to Davey Jones locker. FYI =Only the vessel was lost the crew survived.   


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Wayne Martin
Wayne M Martin - Chicago, IL
Real Estate Broker - Retired

Good morning Kevin. One look at that monster will having me lift a cold beer to you on Monday when I meet-up with Conrad Allen! Enjoy your day and I'll enjoy the beer!

Jan 27, 2016 09:10 PM
Kevin J. May

That's the recipe my Doctors have prescribed until further notice. Enjoy!

Jan 27, 2016 11:54 PM
Nicole Doty - Gilbert Real Estate Expert
Zion Realty - Gilbert, AZ
Broker/Owner of Zion Realty ZionRealtyAZ.com

That's an intimidating looking water craft. It looks like some sort of alien spaceship not a boat. 

Jan 29, 2016 01:11 AM
Kevin J. May

Given its role and the goal intended a c.loser look reveals why it appears as it does Nicole. The statement it made at the time was remarkable in several facets. Have no fear!

Jan 29, 2016 05:07 AM
Debbie Reynolds, C21 Platinum Properties
Platinum Properties- (931)771-9070 - Clarksville, TN
The Dedicated Clarksville TN Realtor-(931)320-6730

Nice story and totally new to me. I appreciate the back story and the photo, Kevin.

Feb 04, 2016 11:56 PM
Kevin J. May

Bio fuels seem to continue to cause misunderstandings about their benefit to the environment Debbie. This was evident as recently as the Iowa Caucus where much of the "bio" portion f the equation is grown, manufactured and sold. The picture without an explanation would do little to bring awareness and vice versa.

Feb 05, 2016 03:40 AM
Bob Ratliff
Robert Ratliff Realty - San Antonio, TX
"Sold with Bob"

Now that is one memorable wave piercing vessel. If one had never seen such a unique craft they would think it was from outer-space. Interesting how fast it flew around the waters.

Feb 06, 2016 12:02 AM
Kevin J. May

Bob, it included 60 layovers while completing its circumnavigation to literally send the  global message to the World about .high performance bio-fuels. 

Feb 06, 2016 05:02 AM
Roy Kelley
Realty Group Referrals - Gaithersburg, MD

Thank you very much for sharing this very interesting story.

Have an outstanding week!

Feb 07, 2016 01:00 AM
Kevin J. May

Find more at Earthrace Roy. A .local favorite is a Mercedes Benz diesel owner who runs his vehicle with used cooking oil from local fast food chains. If you're following him his exhaust smells like french fries.

Feb 07, 2016 01:33 AM
Gabe Sanders
Real Estate of Florida specializing in Martin County Residential Homes, Condos and Land Sales - Stuart, FL
Stuart Florida Real Estate

Hi Kevin.  I believe that I saw the demise of the Ady Gil on the TV show, "Whale Wars."

Feb 07, 2016 08:28 PM
Kevin J. May
Florida Supreme Realty - Hobe Sound, FL
Serving the Treasure & Paradise Coasts of Florida

I am certain that you did Gabe. Sadly, the repurposing did not last long after the transition.

Feb 07, 2016 10:35 PM
Mimi Foster
Falcon Property Solutions - Colorado Springs, CO
Voted Colorado Springs Best Realtor

Good Lord, Kevin May, you sure do post some thought-provoking articles! I had no idea about the Ady Gil, but I just watched the video of when she got rammed, and then, of course, a dozen other videos about Sea Shepherd and all the great works they're doing. But that is an AWESOME looking vessel.

P.S. So tragic to see the cause of the demise of Keith Emerson. 

Mar 19, 2016 11:49 AM
Kevin J. May

It can be pretty antagonistic out on the high seas Mimi!

Mar 20, 2016 01:11 AM
Mimi Foster
Falcon Property Solutions - Colorado Springs, CO
Voted Colorado Springs Best Realtor

I was so glad to see the crew escaped. That is dangerous work indeed.

Mar 20, 2016 01:44 AM