How to reach millennials for just a few cents a year

Services for Real Estate Pros with Magnets USA®

Did you know that most millennials don't shop around for a real estate agent? In fact, a whopping 72 percent of young sellers only contact one agent. One agent!

So what does this mean for you? You better stand out — and often. Staying top-of-mind is crucial to capturing Generation Y.

But how do you market to an entire generation and stay within budget? Luckily, that's a question that can be answered with any of our magnetic products, including sports schedules, magnetic business cards, notepads and calendars.

Each of these competitively priced products is designed to keep your photo and contact information highly visible, so referrals and repeat business are sure to follow.

Plus, we take a lot (read: a lot) of measures to ensure your personalization is featured prominently, professionally and — most important — long-term. Sports schedules boast a 6- to 10-month marketing life. Magnetic calendars keep you on the fridge for 12-15 months, and magnetic business cards and notepads are good for, well, ever.

Can your digital marketing campaigns promise that?


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