Potomac Shores Update January 2017- New Neighborhoods Coming!

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Potomac Shores is Growing!

Potomac Shores will be introducing five different products from four builders in the upcoming months! As a Buyer Agent who specializes in this community this makes me very happy for many reasons!  I have had so many buyers who wanted to live here but just were not at the stage of life to afford the community. On the flip side I have had buyers who made the choice to move in the first year of the community and  worried did they make the right choice and would the community really take off.

So let me share with you what I know at this point.

What does this growth at Potomac Shores mean for buyers?

Soon buyers who thought they were  priced out of Potomac Shores will soon have the opportunity to buy in Potomac Shores. This means buyers who did not buy but visited over the past three years now have a reson to come back! This is a well thought out vision of the developer to bring more affordable homes to Potomac Shores. I also believe competition is good for consumers. With additional builders competing against each other you will have options! Options are good if you are a buyer. Also now that the community is starting it's forth year we will see resales coming on the market as transfer orders of present owners start to happen. All of this is great for buyers who are looking for a vibrant community,but more on that later.

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The Crossing Neighborhood across from the New Elementary School is now under construction with both NV and Ryan single family floor plans on spending at least $520,000+. In the upcoming months expect the new southern neighborhoods down past John Paul The Great to feature condo style town homes starting in the high 300's, Large luxury style 2 car garage town homes as well as main level living villas all by Ryan Homes. I expect  prices will  be announced soon.


Next a new builder to Potomac Shores, Brookfield Homes is well known in Virginia and has a new model under construction and will introduce a full product line of single family homes for one of the southern neighborhoods this spring. Subscribe to my blog to be updated

Pulte Town Homes at Potomac Shores- New Home Buyer Specialist Patty Blackwelder


And last buy not least Pulte Homes will introduce Urban Style Luxury Town Homes  that will be walkable to all amenities. Prices will be announced in the near future.These are going to sell fast based on the talk I have heard from buyers and agents. I love the look of these that I snapped off the sign on sight. I can just envision how they are going to look sitting across from the Shores Club adjacent to the Golf Club and Office Complex and in walking distance to the the town center. Very Old Town or Georgetown feel! I would love it if the developer added the brick roads like they have on the way out to the future town center. Wishful thinking on my part!


What does all this growth mean for the present owners? 

The vision for this community has always been a Legacy Community. What that means to owners is this, the builders will build an array of products that will in the future give Potomac Shores home owners and buyers many options .

Imagine for a moment you have lived in your home for the average 5-7 years. During that time your lifestyle changes as so many peoples do in that time period. If you have purchased or intend to purchase a home at Potomac Shores you will have the opportunity to remain in the  community but shift to a home that fits your present needs better.

If someone finds they have a need for a larger home they can move to the original neighborhoods. Maybe a future buyer wants an upscale golf course lot. Soon these original owners are going to find their homes are sought after since onle resale homes will be available! Imagine you are an owner at Potomac Shores and find you no longer need or want the large trophy home backing to the golf course or maybe you no longer need five a 5,000 sq foot home. You will have plenty of options to choose from. Maybe you find you  have a need for a home with main level living. You will have that option without leaving Potomac Shores.


The Condo and Town Home buyers of this summer will be the future single family home buyers five and ten years from now. 

Present owners will notice the builders have changed floor plans over the past three years much to the dismay of some owners. The developer and builders have the big picture in mind and do this for a good reason. Or at least that has been my experience with large communities such as Potomac Shores. It is not to put in lower priced homes as I have heard some say and decrease the value of the neighborhood. In fact as you can see from above it is just the opposite it is part of the master plan! The developer is building a small town and in a town you have all types of housing that is what attracts people to the community.


Why would you want to choose Potomac Shores as a Buyer?

There are very few communities like Potomac Shores any where in the country. As the community starts it's fourth year I think they have made great strides on the amenities. I saw this community when it was just bare land and and a golf course and I marvel at what they have been able to accomplish in just three short years! I can also tell you it offer a tremendous value compared to other neighborhoods in the entire region. In order to compare it you need to look at all features, amenities and costs. That is where a strong buyer specialist who is knowledgeable on not only this community but the others in the area to give you a good over view so you as the consumer can determine if this is the community for you. Potomac Shores is not for everyone you can surely find larger lots in other communities. That is where I can help you compare to determine which community makes sense for you. As an educated consumer it is much easier to be able to make an informed choice with the guidance of a new home specialist.


If you are just learning about Potomac Shores here is what you can expect .

  • Planned Town Center on the banks of the Potomac River  with a waterfront promenade
  • The VRE Rail Station coming in 2017 that will take commuters to D.C right from the community
  • The Jack Nicklaus Golf Club and Tidewater Grill open to the Public
  • 14,000 sq foot Recreation Barns called The Shores Club with state of the art gym, pools and Club House. The Professional Kitchen, Gathering Rooms and Event Space look like they are straight out of HGTV!
  • New Elementary School Under Construction Now Opening in Fall 2017
  • 10 Sports and Activity Fields
  • 10 miles of trails through some of the most beautiful untouched land home to many Bald Eagles!
  • 60 acre Office Park with over 3 million Square Feet of Office Space near the town center now under development near The Shores Club. JLL's Capital Market Group has been retained to market
  • New Middle School time line has moved up to 2019
  • 5 Star Boutique Hotel will to anchor the water front and Town Center. Developer is actively pursuing a hotel chain now. In fact if you beleive Google it MAY have already been purchased since it now says no longer available!
  • Future Marina down near the southern end of the community there is no time line at this time.
  • Water front boat water sports launch opened in summer 2016 

Some quick background I worked for Ryan Homes as an on site representative at Potomac Shores as well as many other communities. I know it costs you nothing to have representation from a New Home Buyer Specialist like myself and you will receive no discount if you do not have an agent help you. The builder will simply make the extra profit and you will be left without your own knowledgeable advocate for the next four to six months of build time. Not every agent understands the process of new homes nor has the commitment to stay with a buyer through a four to six month process. I love the process, I have ten years of on site new homes experience with four national builders I can put to work for you. My identical twin  sister and partner Peggy James lives in the community in a lovely Ryan Home Chamberlain Model. She loves it there and can share with you what Potomac Shores Life is like. She also worked as a new home sales representative as well for NV Homes and we each have 30 years in the real estate industry and would be honored to put the knowledge to work assisting you with buying or selling at Potomac Shores.


Disclaimer: Most important if you find this information helpful and you have not aligned yourself with a REALTOR as yet please contact us before you visit the model home. In Virginia if you visit a model home and register upon visiting you give up your right to representation for at least 60 days sometimes longer. They do not tell you this it is a buyer beware state so don't let that happen to you!

The on site agents are awesome (and very busy) but they work for the builder,their job is to work for the builders benefit. If you are not quite ready to talk with us and you want to look at the models you can do it two ways. Take a snap shot of our card below with your phone and use it when you visit new homes. That way you at least protect yourself and you can call us when you are ready to talk specifics. Or do not sign in if at all possible so that you leave options open. So many people call us once they have gotten in to deep are confused and frustrated and we can not advise them.

We look forward to talking with you soon!

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