Victor Welcomes Economic Development

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Victor Welcomes Economic Development Partners and Investors!

Victor offers a unique development opportunity. Close to ample recreational assets, popular visitor attractions and a major metropolitan population, downtown Victor is home to over 60 Victorian structures. Many of these charming turn-of-the-century buildings are vacant or underused. Most are ready for business investment.  

  •   Lower cost of entry compared to other

Pikes Peak venues

  •   Updated town infrastructure, from sidewalks to water/sewer system
  • Numerous tax incentives and fee waivers help offset the cost of investment
  • GIS assessment database that reveals quantifiable renovation options
  •   Business-friendly local government

A knowledgeable, motivated team is prepared to partner with economic development allies by meeting remotely or in-person, presenting to investors and other interested parties, providing information on grants, facilitating outreach, facilitating outreach and generating small business ideas. We're well connected to resources and contacts for promotion

Our sophisticated research tools and marketing outreach help smooth the way for rapid sales. Victor has done its homework and is serious about welcoming new business.

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