đź’µWhat Are the Closing Costs to Sell a Home in Cohoes NY

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Closing costs in Cohoes, NY vary widely based on the market and the kind of property


While many of us think that costs are only associated with buying a home, not many realize that selling your property also comes with certain fees. Having a clear understanding of this will prevent you from a lot of unwanted surprises when it is time to close the sale.


It’s no secret that the price of a house depends a lot on where it’s located. Same thing with closing costs. These are more expensive in places where the cost of living is also higher. These are influenced by laws and customs governing each state.

New York has the second-highest closing costs!


If you’re a seller, closing costs can take a substantial portion of the proceeds from your deal. Here is a general guide to how you can budget and some ways to save money. The actual sum of your fees will vary widely.

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You can set your mind to pay higher than buyers, largely because you have to cover:


  • Transfer tax. When your sale price if more than $500,000, you will have around 1.825 percent transfer tax or 1.4 for deals lower than $500,000.

  • Attorney’s fees. This will depend on the complexity of your transaction.

  • Title service costs . The fee for the Title Insurance company to perform a search on the title of the home.

  • Escrow fee. It’s the same as property tax that your lender requires.

  • Courier fee. Fees for sending  official documents.

  • Credit report fee. A fee for pulling and reviewing your credit report.

  • Life or Loan coverage. Administrative costs associated to creating and processing your mortgage.

  • Pest inspection fee. To make sure that the lender sees the house is free of major pest-related defects.

  • Lead-based paint inspection fee. If the house that you’re selling was built before 1978, this fee is to examine if your property has lead-based paint that may affect the health of residents.

  • REALTORⓇ’s commission. Traditionally, it’s 6 percent but when you’re living in a seller’s market, then this is open for negotiation.


You can call me, Dawn McCurdy,  at 518-785-9900 and as your REALTORⓇ, we  can discuss ways on how you can save money!


In some cases, this can be covered by either you or your buyer depending on your arrangement. Sometimes, you also split these fees. If the competition is low in some real estate market areas, you as a seller are expected to pay the closing costs in Cohoes, NY.

How to cut closing costs?


The lender fees, aside from broker’s commission, are said to be fixed but there could be some room for adjustments. The best way to know is to ask the lender if some of the fees like the application fee can be waived.


Evaluate the Loan Estimate. This is the three-page form that you get after applying for a mortgage. Go through the questions and ask why they cost as much as they do.


Do some research, make some calls and see if you can find cheaper options!


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