Markeplace Monday-Get the Woodinville Real Estate facts for 9/23/2018

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Some Woodinville Facts as of Sunday September 23, 2018.
Currently there are 121 homes for sale in 98072/98077 zip codes.
62 homes listed that are currently pending sale (under contract).

As of today in Woodinville here are the last 7 days of activity:

New Listing (17)  
Back On Market (0)  
List Price Reduced (10)  
List Price Increased (0)  
Contingent (1)  
Listing Expired (0)  
Listing Pending (18)  
Listing Sold (17)  
Listing Canceled (4)  


460 homes have sold since January 2018
40 homes have sold since Sept 1st
30 of these homes sold for less than the Original listing price
The median price of those sold was $896,180
The average days on the market was 23
The average price per sqare foot was $339.41 


The Sold Price vs List Price was 98.89%

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